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How LSAT FlexPrep compares to others

Fred Johnson, HMA Corp - "I have researched all programs, and was between this and Test Masters. The fact that I did not have to drive and flexibility were the reasons I chose this program; would have gladly paid the full rate."

Casey Landis, E.Lansing, MI - "Although my first test was a 152, I got up to a 172 on my final practice. Working with peers, who paid much higher prices for Kaplan, I feel I got a great deal, and equal, or superior program deals with your product, in comparison to what they paid for."

Matt P Ward - "Scoring in the 90th percentile, with a 163, I feel the LSAT Prep course really helped me do well. I will not only suggest it to friends, I will let anyone who is studying, know about what a great product and program I was introduced to with LSAT Prep."

C. Aviles - "Step by step questions helped, and the outline helped eliminate pre-exam jitters I felt. I enrolled with Kaplan prior to this program, and noticed a great deal of difference. With the first, I felt the instructor was speaking a foreign language; with your Flex Prep, I could go at my own pace. The score difference was remarkable, and I did much better the second time around."

Carroll Price - "The exam test prep questions truly helped me to get ready for the exam. Although I have not received my results back yet, I am sure the results are going to show with the effort I put in."

Chris Bauer, BYU - "I took the exam a few days ago, but felt prepared; I credit this to your program, and the guidance that I received from the materials that were provided to me, when I was preparing for the exam. I got a lot out of the video segments, as they introduced materials to me, that would have been difficult for me to comprehend through text materials. I took many practice exams; although I only got a 150 on the first, towards the end, and the more exams I did, I was up near a 165 or 170 towards the end of my practice sessions."

Keith D. Ward - "Each time I study, I feel more prepared. It may be hard to believe, but I am actually looking forward to taking the exam; I feel on December 4th, I am going to be more than prepared to sit in for the exam. Thank you for the great product you have provided to me."

Mike Pappas - "With the first exam, I used Princeton, and reviewed the course materials in the manner they dictated; I was very upset when I got my score back, and it only came in at a 149, which was quite low. My adviser discussed your program with me, and I gave it a shot. When I got my scores back the next time around, it was up at 161, a 12 point increase, and was much better than I had expected to see."

Joni Clifton - "I was familiar with all sections and felt confident going in on test day, thanks to the exam prep that I received through your program."

Stephanie N. Vanice - "With your program, my scores really increased. Prior to using the product, I was working with 2 other LSAT test prep books, both which were difficult to read, and left me more confused on the subject matter. With Flex Prep, I really felt ready when I was going in to sit in for the exam."

Tony Ramey - "I am almost finished, and what you offer is far superior to other products on the market, especially the Princeton Review. Thank you for a great product."

JF, BYU - "I enjoy two points with Flex Prep. First, you can do it at your own leisure time, and do not have to fit in a weekend prep course. You do the work at your pace, and at the times you want to review it. Second, I have found you can go back over the material you want to review, as many times as you would like. It allows you to prepare and work on the aspects that you do not feel comfortable with."

K. T. , Webster University - "It is very basic and quite easy to follow. The step by step guides are great and very informative. I like the fact that I can go at my own pace, and that I can cover the content that I need to cover, at the pace that I would like to go when I am preparing and going over the material that I find I need to do a little more work on. It is far superior to other LSAT test prep courses that I have tried in the past, and gives me the information that I am looking for."

L, TCU - "I attend school and I have a small daughter, and work a full time job. The fact that I can do the course at home, on my own time schedule, is a great benefit that Flex Prep offers, which other programs do not offer to me. I do not have to worry about a last minute babysitter, or having to drive out to go to a lecture hall to sit in to the class. I can do the work when I want, and I can do it on my own schedule and the pace I choose."

JC - "It was a great program and I felt ready for the LSAT. It was easy to follow, and it truly made the difference when I was finally ready to sit in for the exam date I had signed up for."

SP, Widener University - "I enjoyed the Flex Prep Program. The questions were relevant and they helped me to prepare for the exam in more ways than one, and in all sections that were covered in the exam. It was a fantastic way for me to prepare for the exam, you truly offer a great test prep program for test takers."

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Real LSAT Test Questions
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