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Referral Program

How LSAT FlexPrep compares to others

Its really that simple. "I first only told a girlfriend about the product; but, after I received the first check for a $15 referral, I really took to posting about the program. I posted on Facebook, told my classmates, and talked to others I knew were preparing for the exam. I have received $120 in checks, and will continue to refer others. Thanks. " - Karen G.

How it works:

  1. You do not have to sign up. 
  2. Send out an email about the diet, and post to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, or other social media sites. 
  3. Friends or family place their orders. 
  4. They tell or email customer support, that you were the referral source for the order that they placed. 
  5. We send you a check for $15, for each referral order that is placed.

90-Day Guarantee
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Real LSAT Test Questions
Real LSAT Test Questions
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